Sumithion 40 WP
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Active Ingredient : Fenitrothion 40% w/w
Formulation : WP (Wettable Powder)
Target Pest : Mosquitoes, Mosquitoes Larvae, Flies, Cockroaches, 
Shipping Weight :  
Features : Extended residual effects
  : If spraying on wood surface, high active ingredient will left on the surface of wood 
  : Effective against adult mosquitoes and larvae, flies and cockroaches. 
  : WHOPES approved use as Indoor Residual Spray for Mosquitoes 
Packing : 500 gm
Carton : 30 bags
Dilution : Adult mosquitoes (Anopheles balabacensis)
: 625g per 10 litre water

Larvae (Aedes albopictus)
:1250g per 10 litre water

Flies (Musca domestica)
: Breeding sites - 20g per 10 litre water
: Resting sites - 500g per 10 litre water

Cockroaches (Periplanta americana)
: 310g per 10 litre water

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